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Determining Your Style – A Q&A

What is your house style? A journey with Questions and potential Answers

Before walls come down, flooring is set, windows replaced – it’s best to know your style. Chrome Builders will want to work with you to make your space livable and unique to you.

Build on strengths

design magazines stock photoOnce you have determined a budget, starting a clip file of pictures from magazines or other sources of rooms and homes that you love will help communicate your style to the construction and design experts you have hired to help you create your dream space.

Once you have your clip book started, you may want to consider some of the following questions before your first meeting with your designers:

What is your favorite place?

Beach. Forest. Desert. City setting. Prairie. Think about the details of those spots. This will help you determine what kinds of colors and details give you the most comfort and joy.

What is your favorite time of day in your favorite place?

The colors present at those locations will help you and your designer determine a color palette and building materials that will resonate with you.

What type of home architecture styles are you drawn to?

Ultra modern. Classic. Rustic.

Where do you spend most of your time?

Kitchen. Bedroom. Backyard. Office. Bathroom. Television or living room.

What kinds of activities do you have in your home?

If you cook a lot, you may need more storage for kitchen gadgets and pantry items than the average homeowner.

Do you entertain?

Do you have an art collection or certain pieces of furniture that you won’t part with?
An interior designed needs to know about these pieces prior to design so they can be given high priority when picking out furnishings for your space.

Do you require a lot of storage?

Be brutally honest. Storage can be built in during construction and furniture can be purchased with storage in mind when necessary.  Chrome Builders can help you navigate the features and benefits of helping you customize your living space according to your budget and applications.  Call us today! (702) 560-5631

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