Evolution of Style

Evolution of Style

Tired of your outdated house? Before you call the realtor, you may want to ask yourself if your home is still right for you. If the size and location of your home still resonate, you may benefit from a call to a contractor and an interior designer who can work together with you to have your older home spiffed up in no time.
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Big picture

living room stock photoNew windows, doors and casings can go a long way towards updating both the interior and exterior looks of your house. While curb appeal is everything when it comes to adding style, adding new windows and doors can also add to the bottom line when updates mean heating and cooling efficiency.

Most window and door replacements will also require new paint both inside and out. So now would be the time to get your older home more current with a ‘now’ color palette.

To wall or not to wall

If you’re budget permits, now is the time to think about walls. Sit down with your contractor and designer to let them know what works in your space and what doesn’t. Oftentimes, building a wall to create a work nook or office space will help make a home more functional. Getting rid of walls can give you that open kitchen, great room type of floor plan that’s become so important to modern living.

Cabinets, counters, fixtures and flooring

kitchen cabinet installerOftentimes cabinets can be updated with a great paint job and new hardware. Formica and tile countertops will also need to go in favor of granite, marble or quartz materials depending upon your budget.

Today the options for attractive, comfortable and affordable floors are endless. Work with your designer to figure out what look is best for you.

The final touch is new hardware and fixtures throughout your house.

It’s tempting to want to skip updates in less used bathroom or bedroom spaces, so keep in mind that bathrooms and kitchens ought to have a consistent ‘look’ to make a house feel finished.

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