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Get Your Renovation Priorities Straight

Get Your Renovation Priorities Straight:

The numbers have been crunched. Budgets set. And projects identified by priority most important to least important. Now what? Setting a list of project priorities is the first order of business. And with everything construction being properly prepared is the secret to a smooth operation from start to finish.

The building inspection will likely determine what kinds of major construction will be needed to bring your home or office building up to a living standard.

The starting point is always trash removal and demolition. Remove everything that will be replaced (flooring, appliances, fixtures, water heaters etc.) Exterior cleanup may require trimming trees and shrubs, removing trees, fencing, sheds, decks and siding.

construction site at sunsetNext stop: Address and roofing or foundation issues. Repairs made now will pay off in the long-term. Invest wisely.

After the roof and foundation repairs have been completed, it’s time to install new doors, windows and trim. Keep in mind that new doors at the entry way can increase property value by generating more curb appeal.

Heating, air conditioning or plumbing issues can be addressed once your new windows and doors have been installed.

Once your HVAC and plumbing issues – if any – have been fixed, you can repair and paint walls and ceilings.

Now you’re ready for your fixtures and appliances to be installed. Upgraded light fixtures and hardware can make or break a renovation. And always keep in mind that a little extra money spent on kitchens and master baths will payout handsomely. Not only will you enjoy the space more if you plan to live there, but a potential buyer is just as likely top respond favorably as well.

Floors. Last, but certainly not least is your new flooring. Typically, flooring is saved for last because of the wear and tear to the house during renovation.

Once this is all done, you are ready for your final inspection, Check all the work against the checklist you created with your contractor. Make sure to go through everything line by line. A thorough cleanup ought to be completed before the final inspection.

If you and your contractor decide to delay the final receipt for completion, make sure everything is captured in writing.

Good luck and have fun.

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