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Home Improvement Do’s and Don’ts

A home improvement project can test even the most seasoned real estate owner. Any number of challenges can exist on any one project no matter what the size. Budgets get underestimated, project delays occur due to add-ons or waits on parts and labor.

Whether it’s a relatively small remodel or a major overhaul, hiring the right contractor is the key to keeping construction projects within your budget and timeline.

Lucky for us here in Nevada, the State Contractors Board has created a Home Improvement Bill of Rights.

It recommends always hiring a licensed, bonded and insured contractor for any home improvement construction project.

The company you keep: All licensed Nevada contractors who are current with the NSCB are listed on the website www.ncsb.state.nv.us. The NCSB encourages consumers to get at least three bids per project. Consumers are also encouraged to check references and examine the company’s past work.

Pushing paper: Once the contractor has been selected make sure your paperwork includes one price which should include the costs of labor and materials, according the to NCSB. The contract ought to include a written payment schedule and completion date.

Once you have selected a contractor, ask to see its proof of insurance, license number and monetary limit along with an agreement that the contractor will obtain necessary permits if the scope of work indicates the need.

Make sure any changes, additions or deletions to the original contract are made in writing.

Show me the money: Once the terms of the project have been discussed and contract is signed, it is a legally binding document intended to protect both parties. The NCSB suggests that consumers try to avoid cash payment all together and payment in full up-front.

Finally, all contracts, payments and changes should be well kept in a safe place before, during and after a project is completed.

Remember, great contractors get by on recommendations. So if you are happy and you know it, share your positive experience with as many people as you can.

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