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No Regerts: It Pays to Have a Building Inspection

Yes, that typo is purposeful.

It’s important to know exactly what you are getting when purchasing any existing building whether residential or commercial. Chrome Builders believes everyone ought to have a building inspection done by a licensed and insured building inspector.

Here’s why:

  • A building inspector can inform you of any problems that currently exist or let you know something could be a problem well in advance.
  • An inspection can often lead to a lower the price.
  • The inspection can also help the buyer know how much money ought to be set aside for short term and long term repairs.

The building inspector’s main job is to see that the building meets standard regulations and building codes where it stands. The inspector follows a standard checklist to make sure all areas of a building are accounted for.

A building inspector checks both the interior and exterior of a property. It looks for signs of asbestos and pests. It looks for cracks in windows, ceilings, floors and walls. They check the electrical and plumbing systems. They look for rusting, molds and leak stains. They will also see to it that doors and blinds are in working order.

An exterior inspection includes a hard look at the exterior of the building. It includes an assessment of the roof and exterior walls. The inspector will at exterior structures that are attached to the property such as garages, carports and sheds. They can determine if large trees near the building have caused any structural damage. They also look for hazards on the property such as power connection points and irrigation irregularities.

Once they have completed the inspection, the inspector will give the client a full report on the findings that includes a date, reason and scope of the inspection. If any areas were not inspected, these can be listed.

A little bit of maintenance goes a long way: At Chrome Builders we take it a step further by offering long-term maintenance contracts that will help a buyer grow into a space by helping meet short term, medium term and long term maintenance goals. The inspection helps a great deal in determining the scope of work and setting both short term and long term goals with a client.

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