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To Roof or Not to Roof?

To roof or not to roof? That is the question!

Most of us know our homes here in Las Vegas are going to need a new roof – eventually. But just how do we know when ‘eventually’ arrives? The information below will help an owner decide when to call in the professionals.

Age of Your Roof

roof repair showing hammer and woodRoof replacement ought to be thoughtfully considered if a home or building (or it’s roof) is at or over 20 years old – regardless of roof type – asphalt shingle, tile, metal. Here in Las Vegas the extreme heat and sunshine can really reduce the normal lifespan of your roof.

Missing or broken shingles or tiles

Take a good hard look at the roof. Are you missing shingles? Do your shingles look ‘frayed’ ‘curled’ or ‘buckled’ to the naked eye? Does one side of your roof look damaged one side or do you have patches of damage? Do you have broken tiles? Do you find shingles in your yard after a storm? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it’s time to ask a contractor about your options.

Pay close attention to the ‘valleys’ on your roof. This is where water and other debris can enter your home and cause leaks. After a storm, check your ceiling for signs of leaks. Take a look around your attic to see if you see signs of leaking. Check your insulation for excess moisture. Severe roof damage builds over time.

Walking on the roof

repairing roofTake a walk on your roof. Look at the flashing on your chimney. Does it look tight? Does it give way to the touch? Moisture leaks into your house at joints? If you have a roof-mounted heating and air conditioning system, does it look steady? Does your roof feel weak in spots? Do you notice any kind of dip where water could have pooled? Are there places where the sun shines through to the roof boards? If the answer to these questions are ‘yes’ or even ‘this could be something’, it’s definitely time to ask an expert.

Eventually is here

Remember to hire a professional contractor. It’s worth the time to contact Chrome Builders as we can either act as the General Contractor or refer you to a qualified professional so you can consider all the options. You may actually find that a new roof can add value to your home and cut down on bills. A better roof can keep heating and cooling costs in check. Insurance companies will like it if you replace wood shingles with a fire resistant alternative. Your new roof may also offer stronger curb appeal and attract a higher dollar if it is on the market. Call us today to learn more! (702) 560-5631

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